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Jewelry Artists

Yves Kamioner


An innate sense of beauty and design, released by the freedom of expression he found in his adopted country, has given award-winning designer Yves Kamioner a creative signature all his own.

This third generation Belgian jeweler recalls observing from behind the counter some of his father's eccentric clients and their flamboyant styles. He fondly remembers his father's pride when showing his son the handmade, unique pieces he had created for them.

Kamioner's original training at Wolfers (the oldest jewelry house in Belgium) and Chaumet (the legendary French jewelry house) gave him all the tools he needed in design and jewelry production, but one element was missing. After coming to the United States to study at the Gemological Institute of America, the young designer found that missing element - unrestricted freedom of expression.

Among his most notable pieces are a diamond-encrusted pocket handkerchief brooch that won him the prestigious De Beers Diamonds International Award, a silver and gold treasure chest that opens to reveal a wealth of loose gemstones, and a gold and platinum walking cane set with 2,200 diamonds.

The experience of working closely with his clients has uniquely prepared Kamioner to create successful jewelry collections for other important names in our industry.