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Jewelry Artists

Sharrey Dore

Seattle, Washington

​​Construction, problem solving, ultimately creating a piece of art is what inspires me,
My love of texture and form has influenced my work over years.  Patterns, layering of metals, colors, and the beauty of precious and semi-precious stones are the driving elements to my work.

For years I had created needle art, designing and hand painting canvases.  It was through this process that I discovered my love of textiles, texture and color.  It was by pure adventure that I discovered my love of metal.   I did not realize it as the time but my journey to become a metal smith began when I started making beaded jewelry.  I started constructing my own findings for my pieces.   I was intrigued by the process of fabricating the elements of the piece and the design challenges that presented themselves for each piece.  One piece led to another and thus I was destined to continue my journey.

My work reflects my constant journey in discovering and learning new techniques, yet stays true to the nature of what inspires me most: the stones and metal that mother nature provides, texture, pattern, form, and color.