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Jewelry Artists

Jennifer Reeves

Artistry Meets Sophistication

At first blush, jeweler Jennifer Reeves may seem like she has created gemstone masterpieces her entire life, but her story began not as a virtuoso of precious gemstones but as a floral artist.

Flower-arranging was her first artistic love. At her floral boutique in North Queensland, Australia, Jennifer gathered exotic flowers in colorful combinations. She has always thrived on collecting organic creations from the Earth and arranging them with other natural elements to transcend their original aesthetic.

During this time, Jennifer developed an acute visual design sense, which has informed her work ever since as a world-class jewelry artist. Though she began her jewelry designing as a hobbyist, Jennifer’s propensity to conjure art guided her career from delicate petals to stunning jewelry. And she maintains that same passion today with her wearable masterworks through Jennifer Reeves Designs.