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Jewelry Artists

Elichai Fowler

Soon after beginning his apprenticeship in 1999, Elichai started to gain a reputation for designing breathtaking works of art. His attention to detail, commitment to creating exceptionally unique jewelry, and an old-world approach to his craft lead to many custom commissions. Reports of his blossoming artistry carried throughout the United States as he worked to revive the fading art of hand-crafted, heirloom jewelry. After studying with some of the most respected jewelry artists in the industry, Elichai’s career continued to flourish.

Although young, Elichai has been featured as one the industry’s top “next generation” jewelers, and his jewelry business was featured as one of the fastest growing studios in the industry. Most recently he won the “Ultimate Bench Jeweler, Wax Carving Division” in Chicago.

Elichai attributes his growth and success to his God-given talent, his commitment to quality, and his amazing teachers. Elichai has the ability to create designs that are perfectly suited to each client. His creative approach to quality custom jewelry and extraordinary client collaborations inspire his beautiful designs.