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Jewelry Artists

Deborah Bushinski

In the beginning the jewelry was an extension of the painting I was doing and my contribution to fashion, which always held my interest. I spent many years as a fine art studio painter and art wear clothing designer in the Northern Minnesota woodlands. It is from these early years, spending time in the wild studying natural form, that my design sensibility was honed. It is all about texture, color and composition, as each piece is crafted with the immediacy of putting paint on canvas.

After many years developing in the sidelines Tessoro was officially conceived and launched in 1998. There was immediate success in receiving orders from galleries, museums and boutiques that were open to meeting with an unknown designer.

Today the current of creativity often carries me to international destinations for inspiration. The earth, sky and sea of the Mediterranean coast in Spain, with its rugged open-space beauty and haunting ruins to cosmopolitan urban centers such as Barcelona, Rome and Athens. It is here when discovering and connecting with jewelry artisans, found exploring sleepy side streets, or in viewing ancient jewelry designs found in museum collections that I feel my passion fueled with a fresh perspective, opening up for me the currents of international and timeless fashion. After all Tessoro truly aims to create the ultimate in art jewelry for every day, every woman.